Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marketing with little or no marketing budget...

That was the topic of the morning at The Kitchen Table Network (Cleveland) this morning.

Our presenter, Leah Squire from, shared some very important tips on Marketing, based on her book "Marketing With No Money".

Like most of us, when we start our business, our Marketing budget is very small, if not non-existent right? But how else do we get our name out "there". How do we tell people how great our business/product is?

In short...we need to market it. And we can do it, even with a very small marketing budget.

Leah suggested her following top three free/low cost marketing strategies:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – this is crucial for those with a is how Google "finds" check with your web designer..."Google" yourself and see where you need to be on the first page, preferably in the top 3-5 (non-paid) listings.
  2. E-Marketing – keep in touch with your clients, and potential clients...Leah suggests at least every 21 days. It doesn't have to be specifically about your product...but something new in your industry for example. Try the following link for free E-Marketing
  3. Article Writing – try and build a good relationship with a journalist from your local paper; send an article about your business to the local paper close to print date...there's a fair chance it will go to print; you can also try the following link – it's a website where journalists and blogger look for sources, while helping businesses get publicity.

Leah also mentioned:

  • Getting your clients talking about your business...ask them to tell others about you, or if they would mind giving you a written testimonial.
  • Get your logo out there! On uniforms, or the's great for branding.

I found Leah's chat with the group today particularly relevant because Leah started the same way most of us we could relate to her situation, and then see how it can be done!

Of course, if you have any other marketing tips to add to this we would love to know what they please leave a comment J




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  2. That was an outstanding post Sammy, Very true, these three strategies are effective in bringing out what is the best of your products and services without spending or burning hole in your wallet.