Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kitchen Table Network...

February marked the re-start of various networking groups, including one of my favourite, The Kitchen Table Network.

Advanced Bookkeeping & Consulting was represented by yours truly at both the Wynnum Chapter last week, and the Cleveland Chapter today. And I have to say, they have really kicked things off with a bang! Both sessions introduced very inspiring guest speakers.

At Wynnum Sonja Falvo dazzled the group with her presentation about the "6 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Field". I'm telling you, the entire group was listening so intently we didn't hear the commotion of the boats in the harbour in the background! Sonja is truly a clever lady, and one of those people who have stacks of energy that seems to transcend upon you while you're if only I could find my notes from the if there are any other TKTN ladies out there who attended...can you please lend me your notes?

Today at Cleveland Carren Smith encouraged the group to remove our "masks" and enlightened us on "The Art of Authenticity", and how to achieve real life congruency. I was honestly inspired, and got me thinking about my life experiences and how I could help others by sharing them...but that's another project for stay tuned...

Thanks again Jackie and Kerry for starting my networking year off in a very worthwhile way!

Kind Regards