Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesdayitis...Easter Breakfast....

As I usually do every second Tuesday, this morning I attended the Tuesdayitis Breakfast Group, which is run by the Wynnum and Districts Chamber of Commerce. I've always found this group very supportive, and often informative...and sometimes, a whole lot of fun!

So this morning, in keeping with the Easter theme one of our members, Annie Thompson, from Employment Services Queensland, brought along her Easter Basket, filled with Easter goodies, as well as some Easter Head Dresses for us all to wear! Thankfully I was one of the first there so I got pick of the ears!

It was a lovley morning, especially with the added Easter Treats provided by Les and Heather from Michele's Patisserie....mmmm gotta love those Easter Biscuits!

Below are some pic's taken with my phone from this morning's meeting (please excuse the poor picture quality...but you'll get the idea).

~Johnathan from Wynnum Plaza~

~Paul from Top Show Music~

~Tuesdayitis Group with our "ears" on~

~Darren from Refund Home Loans and Annie Thompson from ESQ~

~Lorraine & Dennis from Ink Jet & Laser, and Paul from Top Show Music~

~Lorriane & Dennis~


Thursday, March 25, 2010

We're Live!!

Leesa and I have the most exciting news...

We are proud to announce that the official Advanced Bookkeeping & Consulting Website has been launched today! Hooray!

It would not have been able to happen without the wonderful help from Karen Collins from Focussed Online (stunning web designer who creates simply stunning websites), and Wes Swindle from Lithium Solutions (webhosting and domain name expert!). So a really big Thank You to you both!

I would also like to add that I am writing this blog post on my brand new Lenovo laptop - curteousy of Alex & Nick from 9Spheres Technologies. A really big thank you to you both as well (especially considering how long it took to get it up and ready...bloody Norton 360!).
So be our guest (please) and take a look at our Website!


(Please note; The Client Login area is a special place just for our clients where they can access various checklists, training material and other helpful bits and peices).

Talk to you soon,
Samantha & Leesa

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Official Member...

The Wynnum Chamber of Commerce had a New Member Induction function this evening, and being a new member, I was invited to attend. It was a lovely evening because not only did I receive my "official member" certificate (framed and everything!), but because I was able to mingle with more like minded, local business people.

During the evening the March Madness Week was also launched. During this week all Wynnum Business owners are encouraged to display their "Mad-Hatters Poster" advertising their "Mad-Discounts". This event is designed to encourage locals to spend locally, and was organised by Deirdre of PaperTrendz, Brett from Wynnum News & Susie Jones (really sorry Susie, I didn't catch which business you represent so please let me know!). During the March Madness week there will be buskers, street performers and music for all to enjoy!

The Wynnum & Districts Chamber of Commerce is rapidly growing in memberships, and I am proud to be a member. And any local business out there should definitely consider joining their local chamber as they provide an excellent forum for business development, as well as an excellent source of referral business.

Me pictured here with my framed "Official Member" Certificate
(thanks Annie for being the photographer!)

Until next time...take care...and don't forget to call us first if you need any help with your bookkeeping!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Are you talking to people in the right language?

I attended TKTN meeting this month, and enjoyed a particularly interesting keynote speaker. Her name is Colleen Walters, and she explained the importance of knowing the type of person you are talking to, and then adjusting your approach when engaging them. The technique she uses is called D.I.S.C.

Now I know what you're all thinking..."not another acronym!", or "is this anything like the colours?". I realise that there are several similar concepts out there for identifying people personality types...but this one really "spoke to me", so I thought I would share it (albeit in a summarised way).

Basically, using the D.I.S.C. system, there are four personality types; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

Below is a table that summarises the various motivators for each personality type.

DISC Personality Traits Table








· Thrive on a challenge

· Control “freaks”

· Be direct, and never repeat yourself!

· Get to the point

· Punishment: “This was not the best option, how do you think you should be punished” – give them control.

· Black, black, and more black...with a teeny bit of white.

· Square toed shoes

· Very little embellishments (like they have time for that!)

· 4WD

· BMW (staus car)

· Calculative

· Always right...unless it advantages them to be wrong of course.

· Can be “steam-rollers”

· NOT “touchy-feely” – they may take your hand off!


· Recognition

· Popularity/approval

· Social atmosphere

· Democracy

· “Pretty/shiny things”

· Punishment – take the pretty things

· Bright clothes

· Highly accessorised

· Convertible

· Life of the party

· Centre of attention

· Lack focus / easily distracted

· “Touchy-feely”


· Security

· Appreciation

· Assurance

· Relaxed and calm atmosphere (shy away from hostility or confrontation)

· Needs defined goals

· Will get the job done, but own pace.

· Punishment – “I’m disappointed in you”

· Soft tones that don’t stand out.

· Matching suit

· Prefers to blend in.

· Family car – Falcon, Commodore

· Less direct

· Supportive

· Talk slower

· Often speak last...but what they say is very profound

· Thinkers

· Love HUGS!!


· Quality answers based on fact

· Excellence

· Value

· Detail – oriented

· Must be right (facts)

· Succinct answers – useful data only

· Prove them wrong through fact

· Often have only a few favourites, usually a suit so as to minimise decision making

· Deciding on a car is just way too hard for these personality types!!!

· Decision making can be hard - like to have all the facts first

· Control through influence (facts)

· Often accountants or engineers

Acknowledgements: Some of this information is taken directly from the notes provided by Colleen Walters, and some is a summary of notes taken during a speech by the same person.

Of course, this is not an exact science. Personality traits are never that clearly defined, but still, you may find this table useful in various ways; whether it be when talking to a prospective client, negotiating a new contract, or even disciplining your children! (which is why I found this system so useful).

I know my personality trait...do you know yours? Your husbands? Your best friends? It's a fun and interesting exercise...give it a try and then try and put this information to use.

Until next time, thanks Colleen for such an interesting insight into me, my family, and my colleagues.

It's by for now from this "C".